kimono festa and Kyoto BAKUMATSU extension!

This is a information of  kimono festa extension.
The other day occurred incident that do not have access to the Kyoto Bakumatsu SIM for two days.

Therefore,kiimono festa until January 7 has been extended until January 9(Japan time).
Thank you for your help!!


Bakumatsu of treasure

BAKUMATSU SIM of second life will be closed soon.
But Suzume Turbo left a great treasure.

Video of this high quality I think very treasure in SL
Dear Suzume Turbo,Thank you so much.

Photographer. Suzume Turbo
youtube/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgAQ_7DgafVuKeMouuxv1Q?app=desktop
thinglink/ http://www.thinglink.com/user/373476886187081729/scenes


kimono festa 2014☆want to wear japan?

We have kimono festa Final
in kyoto bakumatsu mibudera☆

This event are that many Japanese Kimono shops in SL are gathered!!

Place:Kyoto bakumatsu mibudera

Threre are a lot of kimono amnd kimono related accessoeies,lukky letter,free items...

Please come with your friend,and enjoy shopping!!☆


BAKUMATSU HAUNTED HOUSE by NAMINOKE was resurrected until BAKUMATSU sim ended!
Please enjoy!


Information of closing SIM and kinmono festa!!

Thank you very much for a long time! !
Please enjoy until final.

I will have information of kimono festa  later.

We made flickr group of bakumatsu.
Please upload pictures taken at kyoto BAKUMATSU/Nagasaki BAKUMATSU sims.
Not only in kimono but in any style themed on bakumatsu (Edo period).Thank you!