Tiny & Japanese Gods Shop [Sennojuan]

It is introduction of [Sennojuan] which exists in the Nagasaki bakumatsu.

[Sennojuan] which exists in the Nagasaki bakumatsu is a mall, and various Japanese Gods Shop stands in a row.

There are many goods of Tiny of many high qualities in [Sennojuan].

Moreover, a kimono, a hakama, a yukata, and Japanese construction are also sold.
The lucky board in connection with Halloween is also installed now.

There is an Inari shrine in [Sennojuan] which exists in the kyoto bakumatsu, and visit to a temple is also possible.

Sennojuan【千乃寿庵】 main shop

Sennojuan【千乃寿庵】 Kyoto Branch

Sennojuan【千乃寿庵】 blog(Japanese)


Japanese style -goods store "KOISADA"

The Japanese style -goods store "KOISADA" which exists in Bakumatsu is introduced.

In "KOISADA",there are the goods with which Japanese culture drifts .
The "kotatsu" used in order that Japanese people may warm the body in cold winter, "KINCHAKU" which a woman has in case she wears a kimono, etc.

There are"Hokora"and "Jizou", etc. sold.
Many free items are also obtained.

Please enjoy for Japanese culture by this "KOISADA."

KOISADA main shop

KOISADA blog(Japanese)


second anniversary of NONKO romankan

It is introduction of a NONKO romankan which celebrated the second anniversary of birth.

A main shop is wonderfulness just like a theme park.
It is cool !

NONKO romankan are a peculiar art, in addition stores, such as a kimono and a Japanese style fashion of a Gothic taste, and accessories.

I congratulate you on the second anniversary of you!

NONKO romankan Main store


NONKO romankan Blogger