Yukaku~Shimabara~ in BAKUMATSU Kyoto Sanjo

Yukaku shimabara was opened in Bakumatsu Kyoto sanjo today. Please enjoy the gorgeous Yukaku Shimabara which made red the keynote!

There is share bathroom which is SAKURA YU .You can see the sea from the bath,and you can have good time with your friend in there. Furthermore, a KABURENJO place stands in a row!

Yukaku Shimabara is those two-story with 12 room, and each part store rent space.
The charge of rental of the Yukaku room become 1 room, 40 prims / 250L$ / week.
You can use the space to which cafe, a tea house, a second house, etc.
can relax per week. * The rental as a shop is not received.
Please understand the situation. *If you want rent a lot ,plese ask me.
It is describing on the note card which has distributed and the sliding door written in detail to be 「貸し部屋あり」 of each part store entrance by the click.
Please come there pleasing and looking!!

Furthermore, in front of theYukaku, Shop and adivision rental area were added newly!
The half-division rental also increases, and it is easy to borrow and has become.
The visitor who had you move in is provided also with the model house which can be edited!
Half rental 112 prims / 1875L$ /month normal rental 230 prims / 3750L$ / month About for details Ryoma Sautereau Or E-mail info@bakumatsu-sl.com please contact us!!

The Yukaku shimabara built by UmiUsagi were born gorgeously Please come and enjoy!!!
Bakumatsu kyoto sanjo Yukaku Shimabara http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20Sanjo/176/84/22