It is introduction of KIMONO called HAREGI.

It is retro touch and is the first visit in the year to a shrine.


NAMINOKE bakumatsu shop

Have the width arrival of a rabbit bag
Retro rabbit bag (free)

Japanese style shop *KOISADA* Nagasaki bakumatsu shop

A yellow belt is the point.

Taking a walk to IJINKAN

A courtesan fashion☆

It is introduction of a courtesan fashion.

It is fascinatingly at courtesan hair.

Courtesan hair Nonko romantic hall "bakumatsu"kyoto kimono hall: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20BAKUMATSU/116/136/31

A makeup is also likely to change behavior by the courtesan.

Skin MJD*2-Skin 04 TOMOE M3 MJ+DADA Kyoto Ponto cho KIDAORE kouji: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20BAKUMATSU/80/91/22

while looking at a gojubotou!

A courtesan kimono"珠華繚乱" Milky House Milky House kyoto bakumatsu shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20BAKUMATSU/228/138/23

Gorgeous Yukaku and a fascinating courtesan kimono.
location The kyoto sanjo bakumatsu. Yukaku - Shimabara - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20Sanjo/176/84/22


It is the 2010 New kimono.

It is the kimono of Gold.
A hair ornament is ribbon DAISUKI ☆in a girl.

It is sandals and is princess feeling.

The belt of a pink rose be britter the Gold .

--Umi Usagi-- 舞 ~mai~ -Gold-

The kimono set of a kimono and head ribbon sandals

Unite a simple hairstyle with a lovely pink kimono.

Belt decoration is the heart of a crystal.

Fur is an option.
--Umi Usagi-- 舞 ~mai~
The kimono set of a kimono and head ribbon sandals
--Umi Usagi-- KIMONO fur II

When you wear chicly .

--Umi Usagi-- 薔薇 ~rose~ -Black-
The kimono set of a kimono and head ribbon sandals

●Nagasaki BAKUMATSU Shop
●"BAKUMATSU"Kyoto KIMONO hall   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20BAKUMATSU/116/136/31
●Umi Usagi main shop


A shrine maiden dress

It is introduction of a shrine maiden dress.

It is a shrine maiden dress (red) with an apron.

Sennojuan in nagasaki bakumatsu.

Sennojyan in kyoto bakumatsu.

Simple styale with taking off an apron.

The broom is also attached.To cleaning of a shrine.

This is a shrine maiden dress (amber).A location is the Senri shrine in bakumatsu.