This is Nonkoromankan's new work [Kegaremiko].
Yukata Kegaremiko
●"Bakumatsu"Kyoto kimonohall

●Bakumatsu kimono festa

It prays to God in a favorite yukata at Tanabata.!!
Yukata Aoringoame

Tanabata Bamboo
Bakumatsu kimono festa
UmiUsagi Lucky board

The race of Sleeve is as great ♪There are translucence and opaque both.
Yukata Keshinohana

It is woman power rise in the race of a belt.☆

Bakumatsu kimono festa

Place:Kyoto sanjo event space


Yukata style☆Kimonoichi

Yukata style☆Kimonoichi

This is Umi Usagi's new work 「Yukata -2010-TYPE III White」.
-Umi Usagi-- Yukata -2010-TYPE III 3color (Each colorL$100)

●Nagasaki bakumatsu「Umiusayahonpo」shop 

●"bakumatsu"kyoto kimono hall 

●Bakumatsu kimonoichi Now on sale!!

This leading role of summer is got!!

If the face of a rabbit is pushed, a firefly will come out of the belt with a fan☆
-Umi Usagi-- Yukata -2010-TYPE II 3color (Each colorL$100)

We are waiting in bakumatsu kimonoichi!!

Umi Usagi-- Yukata -2010-TYPE I 3color (Each colorL$100)

The "cotton candy" which it has in the hand is free,
and can be got at TP point of a bakumatsu kimonoichi

Day: July 1~July 8
Place:Kyoto sanjo event space


Bakumatsu SIM will celebrate the 3rd anniversary !!
We appreciated with your power .
We will have a KIMONOICHI.
Many new work yukatas and japanese clothes the sale of period limitation are done.
There are about 30 shops!!
A schedule : from July 1th until 8th.
Place :Kyoto sanjo event space

Please come and enjoy shopping☆