Winter kimono ☆8

Winter kimono ☆8

This is Umi Usagi's new work [Kimono set Type3-purple].
Umi Usagi
-+-Rabbit Kiss-+- KIMONO*Type3*-purple

●Nagasaki bakumatsu「Umiusaya honpo」shop

●"bakumatsu"Kyoto kimono hall

Combination of purple, black, and butterfly are very fascinating .

Winter kimono ☆7

Winter kimono ☆7

This is sakka's studio's new work[Kimono set SAKURA-kuro to beni-]
Kimono set SAKURA-kuro ro beni-
sakka's studio
Kyoto Kyoto Ponto-cho kidaore kouji

Pink kimono at a black haori is very Gorgeous!!


Information of renewal-opening NAYAMACHI.

This is a information of renewal-opening NAYAMACHI.

The "Nayamachi" of the japanese goods special mall which is in Sim in the end of the Kyoto curtain renewal-opening-does.
If you want to have shop in this town,could you tell us?

It is the location in which Gojunotou rises up in near,
The house rent is very cheap.
Please come and look them^^

Rental information
[Rent fee] A week /150L$
[Prim] 30
[place] Kyoto bakumatsu nayamachi

The rental box is established in the empty booth.
The detailed note card is also distributed there .

If you have interest in about rent,could you send IM to Ryoma sautereau.

We have a lot of types of rent ,normal rent,harf rent,Shimabara -yukaku,nagasaki ijinkan.
Please contact me freely.^^

Thank you!!

Ryoma Sautereau


Bakumatsu kimonoichi Winter 2011☆

Bakumatsu kimonoichi Winter 2011☆

This is Umi Usagi's new work [--Umi Usagi-- KIMONO*Type4*-White- ].
Umi Usagi
-+-Rabbit Kiss-+- KIMONO*Type4*-White

Nagasaki bakumatsu「Umiusayahonpo」shop
"Bakumatsu"kyoto kimono hall

Kyoto sanjo bakumatsu event space

The rabbit of the sexagenary cycle this year is hiding in the belt lovelily ^^
There are 2 type .

There are a lot of points which tickle the girl heart in a classic.

It is charmed by the big black rabbit.

Bakumatsu Kimonoichi

【Date】December 29/2010~January 5/2011
【Place】Kyoto sanjo bakumatsu event space


Bakumatsu kimonoichi Winter 2011☆

Bakumatsu kimonoichi Winter 2011☆

This is Nonko Romankan's new work [jazz cabaret].
kimono jazz cabaret

Nonko Romankan

The female pattern which smokes water tobacco
and which is full of new emotion is very original.
The rabbit wallet which it has in the hand(animation is entered) is also contained in the set.

Hair LALA Moon

First visit in the year to a shrine with jazz kimono☆
Location Kyoto bakumatsu MIBUDERA.
Please go straight from TP point to the west.
It is in the end.

Bakumatsu kimonoichi
Date:December 29/2010~January 5/2011
Date:December 29/2010~January 5/2011
Place:Kyoto sanjobakumatsu ~event space