Umi Usagi 4th☆Anniversary

Umi Usagi 4th☆Anniversary

It has interfered to SIM of amain shop today by the 4th anniversary of Umi Usagi
opened also in bakumatsu SIM.

It is remodeled newly and is the main shop of Umi Usagi of chic touch.
Atmosphere from which some tales are likely to begin

It is the feeling which became a hero in the wonderful country.
This is the dress of cute touch.

-+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- "Angel Chiffon" -BL-
靴  Goth classic Shoes TYPE3 WH

There are such many colors, the pleasure choose which one is glad.

Lovely and cute dress.☆

-+-Rabbit*Kiss-+- "Chiffon Poncho" -WH-
Shoes Goth classic Shoes TYPE3 BK

There are such many colors.☆

This is a group gift.This is the color difference in Angel Chiffon.(group only)
Shoes are Umi Usagi -- 4 th Anniversary Shoes. (group only)

Many new work and free items have appeared rapidly.
It is attention at Umi Usagi of the 4th year.